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A small collection of excerpts from our happy clients.


Hope you had a great summer. If you guys ever need a testimonial on the toughness of a Pacific, I can provide it. We took the boat (a 29ft Walk Around Cabin 10) from Roche Harbor to Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island the Thursday ahead of the big storm that hit the Pacific NW a couple of weekends ago. We fished in the crazy wind and rain for three days, then made the 110 mile run back in 12-15 foot seas. Boat handled fantastic!
September 2015

Several trips to Venice, Louisiana fishing the oil rigs and panhandle of Florida to fish the offshore reefs and the boat has performed flawlessly. Many compliments on the quality of your boats. Very satisfied customer.
August 2015

You were right, someone wanted this boat badly. It is sold. The person who bought the boat has looked for this exact boat for several years and actually contacted you guys about a new one. Was well aware of your website, etc. and the boats you make. Nothing like quality and care. It sells itself!
November 2009

Veryyyy good trip....57 salmon in ten days! Got the paint..thank you VERY much! I have to tell ya... there is NOOOO boat like a pacific!!!
September 2007

Trailered behind a V6 Toyota for 3 years to Baja and Canada. Whether fishing the coast or cruising the inside passage, I know my family is going to get there and return safe in our V2300CC. Look forward to buying another.
-David H.
December 2006

My 2325CC is way more boat than I thought it would be. It impresses all that get on her. With the honda BF225 she has plenty of power and awesome MPG. The fit and finish are #1 in my book. Just plan extra time at the launch ramp as people ask a LOT of questions!
-L Roberts
December 2006

I felt compelled to write your company after fishing on a friend's 23-foot Pacific Boat. I own a 20-foot Trophy, and after being on the ocean in 7-8 foot seas on your boat, I wished I owned one. By far one of the best handling and seaworthy crafts built. The deck space and design of the boat is outstanding, as well as the construction. The fishability of that boat is unparalleled. I just thought that you should know how good a boat you build.
-Rick B
December 2006

What the heck Julie. You need to put a disclaimer on the boats you sell! I have spent more time showing people my Pacific than I have spent fishing. People flock to it. I'm actually coming up with standardized answers to their questions. Craig, Alaska is very impressed with the boat. I'm going to send you some pictures this summer proving that your t-top can support the weight of a 250lb halibut and a 50lb king salmon.
-Joel S
December 2006

Thanks for the great surf (storm) from WA. It was a perfect test for the boat. We went out and found the seas running 9-12 feet (no form) with a solid 20mph wind out of the Northwest. We were the only recreational boat out past the breakwater, besides the commercial boats (very few), and the local chapter of the Coast Guard was keeping a close eye on us as we went out to sea. The boat handled perfectly, no real difference from how it handles in 'normal' seas, but had to slow down a little to keep from going completely out of the water. This 'check ride' further reinforced my confidence in how the boat WILL handle a bad day on the water - the limitation was my bravery to keep the throttle down and line up the next set. Great boat!!!
-R Fosset
December 2006

The boat is like no other boat I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Roomy, solid as a rock, nimble, fast... This boat gives you some serious confidence. Go ahead drive right into that huge tug boat wake, it can take it, cause ya ain't gonna break it
-Captain Dave
November 2006

Julie, We were gone a few days and found your medical kit sitting on the front stoop when we returned. Great addition to the 'emergency' gear aboard in case of an inadvertent mishap requiring attention. Thanks! As I've said before, you guys are a class act.
-Gene P.
November 2006



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